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In Greek mythology, '''Autolycus''' (; ''Autolykos'', "The Wolf Itself", or ''very wolf'' (ed. < ''very wolf'' >)) was a son of the Twelve Olympians|Olympian god Hermes and Chione (daughter of Daedalion)|Chione. He was the husband of Neaera (Greek mythology)|Neaera,Pausanias (geographer)|Pausanias viii. 4. § 3 (cited in ''Smith'') or according to Homer,''Odyssey'' xix. 394, &c. (cited in ''Smith'') of Amphithea. Autolycus fathered Anticlea (who married Laertes Ithaca|of Ithaca, hence the grandfather of OdysseusHomer, Odyssey, [ 24.334]) and several sons, of whom only Aesimus is named.
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